Old Massive Silver

Origine > Moyen-orient

  • Former Afghan Silver Ring At The End Of Xix Beginning Xx Century + Beautiful Agate
  • Ancien Xixe Silver Poinçon Egypt Mounted Ashtray 11,3x12,4 Cm 140,3 G
  • Ancient Paper Cup Solid Silver- Ottoman Empire
  • Old Pot Box Solid Silver Niellé Silver Silver Silver Iraqi Niello Tea Caddy Signed Box
  • Former Box Pot Pot Massive Silver Niellé Iraqi Niello Tea Caddy Signed Box
  • Bottle At Khôl Coral Silver, M'khala Algeria Late 19th Century, Ancient Ottoman Flask
  • Former Great Berbere Bracelet In Sterling Silver Cabochon Coral Email
  • Beautiful Old Silver Vase Cartridge Persant Pets Sterling Silver
  • Small Silver Vase Old Chiseled From Persia 1900 9 Cm High
  • Superb Old Handle Or Knob Engraved Sterling Silver And Turquoise Stones