Old Massive Silver


  • Beautiful Ancient Bracelet In Sterling Silver & Vermeil Beautiful Mesh With Charms
  • 2 Spoons Antique Silver Antique Vermeil Spoon Coin Silver Sheffiel 1911
  • Rare Ancient Clover Vermeil (gold & Silver Solid) Came Coral Bracelet Necklace
  • Pair Buckles Ancient Shoes Sterling Silver Vermeil See Poincons- Ref26785
  • Beautiful Old Vinaigrette In Solid Silver & Vermeil Beginning Of The Xixth
  • Superb Old Box Enameled Solid Silver And Vermeil
  • Vermeil Brooch Silver Filigree Ancient Bird Portugal Silver Brooch
  • Rare Old Regional Necklace In Sterling Silver Vermeil And Jet Heart Pendant
  • Superb Old Sterling Silver Vermeil Garnets Bracelet With Photo Holder Charm
  • Old Chalice In Sterling Silver Vermeil, Gilded Metal Foot And Cross In Enamels
  • Old Necessary Couture Silver Silver Vermeil / Art Nouveau
  • Old Snake Silver Sterling Silver Vermeil Snake Bracelet
  • Old Service Dessert Mignardise Poincons Sterling Silver Vermeil And Its Case
  • Ancient Chinese Silver Bracelet Vermeil Jade And Enamel Epoque 1940
  • Antique Ring In Sterling Silver Amethyst And Diamonds 1900 T54
  • Rare Old Regional Jewel In Sterling Silver Vermeil And Onyx Heart Pendant
  • Superb Old Necklace In Sterling Silver Vermeil Maltese Cross Nineteenth Empire Style
  • Necklace Old Mistletoe Leaves Sterling Silver Vermeil Pearls Art Nouveau 1900