Old Massive Silver


  • Compact Box Former Solid Silver + Enamel Circa 1920 Silver Enamel Box
  • Bracelet Ethnic Silver + Enamel Maghreb Old Algeria 124 G Silver Bracelet
  • Old Enameled Box Epoque Xixe Sterling Silver Emaux Louis Xvi Style 1800
  • Ancienne Jolie Gousset Watch In Silver A Coq Enamel Dial Empire Era
  • Superb Old Box Enameled Solid Silver And Vermeil
  • 4 Button Sterling Silver Vermeil And Enamel Jewel Old Silver Enamel Button
  • Old Japanese Vase Sterling Silver Enamelled Cloisonné Dragon 18cm Japanese
  • Saint Georges Antique Brooch In Solid Silver And Enamel Silver Enamel Brooch
  • Antique Silver Fibula Email Morocco Antique Berber Silver Moroccan Enamel Fibula
  • Aries Bracelet Antique Enamelled In Sterling Silver
  • Ancient Chinese Silver Bracelet Vermeil Jade And Enamel Epoque 1940
  • Old Large Cross Sterling Silver Enamel Filigree Germany Punch 13 Lot
  • Antique Cross Pendant In Sterling Silver Enamelled Pearl And Turquoise Beads
  • Old Bavarian Silver Sterling Silver Filigree Enamel Chain Garnet Germany Xix