Old Massive Silver


  • Antique Cross In Solid Silver And Star Of Digne St Vincent Provence Xixeme
  • Old Solid Silver Pendant Half Pearls Violet Stone Amethyst Xixth
  • Rare Old Inkwell Cage In Sterling Silver Xixth Animal Decor
  • Antique Pendant In Sterling Silver And Enamels Bressans Xixeme
  • Old Sterling Silver Rosary And Genuine Garnets Cross Reliquary Xix
  • Superb Old Seal Seal In Sterling Silver And Agate Charlemagne Xix
  • Antique Solid Silver Ring And Enamel Bressans Regional Jewel Nineteenth T57
  • Palace Royal Paris Antique Chatelaine In Sterling Silver And Vulcanite Xixth
  • Antique Solid Silver Pendant 3 Virtues Heart Anchor & Cross Reliquary Xix
  • Old Brooch Brooch Provencal Silver And Gold Red Stones Xix
  • Superb Old Brooch Brooch Provençale Silver And Stone Nineteenth
  • Old Flowing Norman Cross In Sterling Silver And Rhinestones Xix
  • Superb Old Sterling Silver Pendant And Rhinestones Lavallière Xix
  • Superb Old Solid Silver Dome Ring And Enamels Bressans Xixth T57
  • Old Bavarian Silver Sterling Silver Filigree Enamel Chain Garnet Germany Xix
  • Superb Old Pendant In Sterling Silver Rhinestones And Blue Stones Xixeme
  • Superb Old Pendant In Sterling Silver And Gold Diamonds Rose Nineteenth
  • Rare Very Large Cross Norman Antique Solid Silver And Rhinestone Xix